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If you'd like to contact us, send us an email at, or give us a call on (08) 9489 7777.

Our current studies include:

  • Our PhoCIS Study is the first in the world to look at prevention of multiple sclerosis using UV-B phototherapy.
  • Our SEDS Study examines vitamin D and non-vitamin D pathways from sun exposure to better health and tests sun exposure advice as a management tool for mild vitamin D deficiency.
  • Using data from the Raine Study to understand the impact of Vitamin D and sunlight in pregnancy and early life on children's future health.

Our team is also involved with projects in the following areas:

Sun exposure, vitamin D and immunity
We are investigating a range of ways UV and vitamin D impacts on autoimmune and allergic diseases. We are particularly focusing on multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, allergies, asthma and Crohns disease. We're also looking at the mechanisms behind how UV and vitamin D may work.

Sun exposure, vitamin D and metabolism
We're looking at the impact of vitamin D on metabolic diseases, cardiometabolic factors, obesity and what foods may be important in relation to Vitamin D.

Vitamin D, sun and development
Sun and Vitamin D are very important for the developing foetus so we're looking at the development of the immune system of the foetus. We're also looking at how vitamin D or UV effects allergies, asthma, autism and lung growth.

Measurement and monitoring projects
We are interested in measuring skin types and measuring and monitoring vitamin D levels and other vitamin D-related molecules. These measurement and monitoring projects also relate to a trial of vitamin D supplementation.

Sun exposure policies
We are working on a range of projects to improve sun safety messages, including a project to evaluate current sun exposure policies in childcare centres.

Sun exposure, vitamin D and our eyes
With our collaborators, we are looking at the risks and benefits of sun exposure for our eyes, particularly focusing on the development of myopia.