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We are working across the broad spectrum of risks and benefits of sun exposure and prevention of disease through to treatment (e.g. immune modulation of melanoma).

We are not only looking at how much sunlight is required for good health but how sunlight and vitamin D interact to benefit health.

  • What is the 'right' amount of vitamin D? How much sun do I need to get it?
  • How does vitamin D affect the health of my child?
  • Can they get what they need from a supplement, or is there value in limited time in the sun?
  • How much sun is too much? And how do I know when to protect my child from the sun and what sort of sun protection to use?

These are the some of the questions that we aim to answer.

About Sun Exposure and Vitamin D

Too much sun exposure causes skin cancer. But there are benefits to some sun exposure - we need sun exposure for vitamin D, and we now believe there are other benefits of getting a bit, but not too much, sun. The main aim of the D-Light Program is to understand and communicate how to get the right balance.